Early in my journey to beer snobbery, I wanted to make sense of the styles and flavours by graphing them. It was originally a poster layout, but static data is redundant by definition...





Most beers from a single brewer

– Uraidla Brewery

Shortest beer name

Longest beer name

Finding the sweet spot


Why build this?

Mostly for the fun of it. I was old school, came into design through illustration and was dragged kicking and screaming to code. And loved it (eventually). Leaflet was a fantastic library to cut my Javascript teeth on. After every breakthrough there was always something else to try... combine it with an excuse to try new beers and you've got the perfect storm!

But there are already lots of beer review platforms! One is gamified with badges and beer selfies, others have dedicated communities entering data. None are great at recommending new beers. An IPA dry hopped with citra is different from one kettle hopped with mosaic.

There's a lot of data to tap into with beer - style, hops, malts, country of origin. Combine that with user beer ratings and new favourite beers shouldn't be too hard to find! I want to make something new, a way to visualise flavours and a better engine for recommendations. Definitely a work in progress.

What's next?

In the dream, BEERGR!D would be a platform you'd log into with your Untappd credentials. Your rating and notes would be in the popup, and you could drag the bottles to where you think they should be on the graph. BG's layer of hop and malt data would combine with your ratings to make some real suggestions. Not just another random beer from the same category, but helping you to branch out like a different beer style with a similar hop profile. And maybe some affiliate links to pay the bills.